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Album Title: The Savoy Songbook

Release Date: 2/4/19  

Artist: Jon Nickoll/ Savoy Hotel

Label: 1889 Records 


Track listing:

1. American Bar Song (Jon Nickoll)

2. Ain't No Sunshine  (Withers)

3. Blue Moon (Rodgers, Hart)

4. Reverend ( C, N, J, M Followill )

5. Fly Me To The Moon (Bart Howard)

6. Empire State Of Mind (part 2) Broken Down ( Keys, Shuckburgh, Jay Z, Hunte, Robinson, Keyes, Sewell-Ulepic)

7. It Had To Be You (Jones, Kahn)

8. Rehab (Winehouse)

9. Heartbreak Hotel (Axton, Durden)

10. As Time Goes By ( Hupfield)

11. Say A Little Prayer ( Bacharach, David)

12. Waterloo Sunset (Davies)

13. The Way You Look Tonight ( Fields, Kern) 


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Album Title: Treasure Seeker

Artist: Gary Williams

Release Date: 19/9/18

Label: BOS Records


Track listing:

1. The Next Big Thing ( Williams, Nickoll)

2. Never Say I Love You (Williams, Nickoll)

3. Kiss Me On A Rainy Day ( Williams, Nickoll)

4. When Sunday Comes (Williams, Nickoll)

5. Don't Trust A Wink (Williams, Nickoll)

6. One Second To Decide (Williams, Nickoll)

7. Growing Pains (Williams, Nickoll)

8. I Blame The Moon (Williams, Nickoll.)

9. Don't Talk About Time (Williams, Nickoll)

10. The Dreamer (Williams, Nickoll)

11. Our Love Grows Stronger ( Williams, Nickoll)

12. Treasure Seeker (Williams, Nickoll)

13. When Sunday Comes (Boogaloo version) (Williams, Nickoll) 


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Album Title:  Songs From The Cupboard Under The Stairs

Artist: Jon Nickoll

Release Date: 9/5/18  

Label: Beachcomber Music 


Track Listing:

1. Technology Will Break Your Heart (Nickoll)

2. Goodbye Sanity (Nickoll)

3. Just Back Down (Nickoll)

4. There's Trouble Coming (Nickoll)

5. Secret Guide To Everyday Living (Nickoll)

6. Just Another Earthquake (Nickoll)

7. I'm Your Girlfriend's Girlfriend (Nickoll)

8. Passport Photo (Nickoll)

9. The Dogs And Cats (Nickoll)

10. Beginnings And Ends (Nickoll)


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Single: London For Christmas 

Artist: Limahl 

Release Date: 1/12/12

Label:  Christopher Music 

1) London For Christmas (Curnow, Hamill, Nickoll)

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